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A Round Up of this Year’s Social Media Messenger Apps

One of the many fundamental developments the internet has brought us is a more convenient and less costly means of communicating. With the development of e-mail, Skype and social media websites like Facebook, keeping in touch with your loved ones overseas has never been easier. With instant messaging, maintaining long distance relationships with friends, family, and your partner is not as grueling a task as it once was.

And with the continuous development technology is undergoing today, it’s no surprise that the communication game just keeps getting better. With smartphones and tablets now in the picture, we have come to welcome a notion known as applications development. By merely installing certain applications to your phone and having access to wifi or internet data, you can literally communicate long distance from wherever you are through messenger applications.

So what are the social media messenger applications you should be looking out for this 2016?



Blog_Social Media Messengers Apps_WeChat

Known as the “King of Chinese Social Media,” WeChat is a multi-functional messenger application that initially offers features such as text messaging, voice recordings, and video messages. Since its inception, it has broadened its reach to mobile payments, e-commerce browsing, taxi bookings and games. Although its functions are quite similar to those of other messenger apps, its edge is in the brands that are choosing to invest in its continuous development. These include Nike, Adidas, Coach, and currently, Burberry.


Blog_Social Media Messengers Apps_Kik

Unlike most messenger apps that are more focused on personal social sharing, Kik is more for the business-centric. The application gives its users the opportunity to engage with different brands, making the businesses that register with them more often than not a success. They also incorporate different promotional means into their system to increase awareness and engagement for brands.

Messenger for Business

Blog_Social Media Messengers Apps_Messenger

Getting into the trend that these applications are a useful tool for business, Facebook’s Messenger for Business is in the works. The focal point in which this proposal revolves around is being customer-centric. The social media giant explained how the app would allow a person to choose and start conversations and receive updates from different businesses. All that convenience guaranteed along with the assurance of a quick response rate makes this app something to watch out for indeed.


Communication is important. Most of us would say, it’s the fundamental key to keep a relationship going. Technology makes that easy for us in the form of Social Media Messenger Apps. This 2016, stay in the know of the messenger apps that will keep you connected no matter where you go.



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