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When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

This lemonade quote has been my life mantra ever since I read it over the internet. It imparts to make use of what’s on our hands, otherwise, make something out of what we got. Yes, it makes sense. It keeps the spirit alive on our desolated days. Yet I wonder, what if we jump off our grown-up beliefs and look over it with a much broader perspective?

Like, what if life suddenly throws us lemons? Will we instantly make lemonades? Won’t we try making lemon cakes? Lemon candies? Or maybe lemon deodorizers? Undeniably, most of us will perhaps squeeze everything out of that lemon and just settle for its juices. It’s the most conventional way. It’s the most convenient way, too.  Although there are various products we could possibly make out of it, we tend to border ourselves.  Get satisfied with the usual. The biggest leap to dodge off is questioning the accustomed decisions we make.  Think about it. Maybe it is the right time to squeeze quite more of what lemons can offer other than its juices.  Just as to what technological era proves nowadays: we are intelligent and limitless.  We should utilize it.

Decades ago, we are but busy citizens living our lives with the traditional cycle – we wake up, go to school or work, earn knowledge or bucks, spend time with our colleagues or friends, repeat. But then, internet happened. In just a few rotations of the Earth, the citizens are now the so-called netizens. We are the habitual and avid users of internet. A day would not pass without us checking our online social media accounts. Get the latest news and trends. Share the lives we live. Judge away another else’s life and get judged in return.

Since internet also started having adverse negative effects on us — like addiction, to be exact — why not use it as a tool to make something profitable? For instance, try getting online jobs, be it an online tutor or an online teacher. Also, you could be an online consultant.  Or you could strive selling online. Start up an online business. Use your connections and succeed.

Indeed, there are many, many ways on how we could make use of what we have, name it all. And most definitely, there are constructive means to turn our own lemonades to curing-lemon medicines one day. Because why not?

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