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Turning Your Passion Into Profit

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I QUIT. These are the words uttered by most people who want to resign from their jobs. Admit it. More often than not, you feel like you are stuck whenever you are at work. Everything is just dreary. What you do for a whole week of work won’t get any better for the following weeks because it’s most probably the same. All month long, all year long. Then you ask yourself, “Is this really the life I want to live when I reach my 60s?”

Deny it or not, you are just “engaged” to your work because you want to earn for a living. However, isn’t it amazing if you get paid for a job you are truly passionate about? The job you will never get tired of? The one that unleashes your full abilities and expertise? You’ll question me for the next set of words to come but I tell you honestly, IT IS POSSIBLE. You only have to weigh things, be ready and devise a master plan. Below are questions to help you contemplate if your passion can really be turned into a profitable business.

Who am I?
This question might sound like a joke but it could help you determine your future. Ask yourself who you are: What kind of person are you? Are you an extrovert who enjoys spontaneous activities? Or are you an introvert who is more in to indoor hobbies? From there, you can distinguish what kind of proprietor you will be.

What is my passion?
List all your acquired skills. Trim down the least enthusiastic ones and keep those you’re most interested in. Analyze its individual pros and cons, then you will know what skill is most feasible. See where the horizon is going.

Who will be my beneficiaries?
In business terms, it is determining your target market. This is important. Research is the key. Know your prospect market’s demographics – age, gender, family size, lifestyle and such. Think if you could provide quality products or services to them. And if your answer is a 100% yes, then pursue it. No buts, no ifs.

How much will it cost?
Start cheap or do it for free in the meantime. Have a run-through of your service to your families and friends. Ask for their comments and evaluation. See if it works. If it does work, you could start reaching out to your target market and get paid. Do not hurry, you are not in a marathon. Little profit is still a profit though. You just have to be patient.

When and where will I start?
Begin online. Browse through your Facebook friends. If you think you have an ample number of friends who could help you share your interest, then draw their attention bit by bit. Post photos and write-ups about your product. It would be better if you could provide a folio of it for their reference. Then, let them spread the news.

What if I fail?
Everyone fails. Most of the prime businessmen now failed several times in their lives before they reached the top. Do not be afraid to get lost and flunk. We all experience it. It is the best teacher to grow your inner business knowledge. Just inhale the shortcomings and exhale resolutions.

You know, maybe now’s the time for you to get out of your comfort zone. Try newer things and expose your business competencies. Stop doubting yourself. You will forever be stuck if you do not start moving. Because if you do not do it now, someone else will.

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