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Email Marketing: An Overview

Blog Banner - 26August2016

Have you come across a certain time when you’re going through your email then all of a sudden an anonymous or sometimes familiar company name sent you a message, saying they are on sale or they are having a bazaar of such? How did you respond to it? Did you answer back? Or did you disregard it? Perhaps, you initially suspected it as an anomaly over the net, much likely a spam message although it’s not. It is identified today as Email Marketing.

For a much broader sense, Email Marketing is another digital marketing tactic that focuses on using electronic mail as a communication tool to directly convey messages to a specific audience. Thus, every single email sent to a prospect market or existing client is considered email marketing already.

Frequently, the message of these emails contains product-centric ads, company newsletters, solicitations, and event invites. This approach applies best if you aim to increase brand awareness, drive sales and develop brand loyalty to your target market.

One of the many advantages of email marketing is being significantly cheaper and faster than traditional mail. Rather than consuming your time creating content through snail-mail, you could save tons of your time searching for more leads to target.

If in case you consider this type of digital marketing, the vital phase on it is to guarantee that the emails that you send are actually getting opened and read by your recipients — since 91% of your potential customers check their email daily. You have to ensure it is not getting trashed, or else all your efforts are put to waste. Also, you cannot achieve full success if you settle to just emailing. You need to take action and have phone calls, if needed. This is, I believe, the best way to convert your readers into customers.

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