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Facebook Live to Boost Your Small Business’s Sales and Promos


The business world is painful yet rewarding. And setting up one will make you feel sheer exhaustion if you don’t have a complete arsenal of keeping things going, you’ll eventually find yourself slamming at the walls of quitting. As a small business owner you should think on your feet and gather all the tools you need that could save you time and more money, especially in the coming season when you need to compete neck-to-neck with your competitors in order to make the most of the coming buying season.

One of the things that small businesses like yours tend to overlook in this digital age is the full potential of Facebook. This social media platform isn’t just about posting updates and engaging with your customers by answering their queries. It also boasts real-time capability via Facebook Live.

Some businesses think that Facebook Live is only applicable during events and other activities that need real-time coverage to be shared with their fans. But, the potential use of this Facebook feature isn’t limited to events coverage. It can be used to induce desire and wants when you are having promos or big sale activities.
Below are the following strategies where you can use Facebook Live to boost your business:

1) Real time video snippets of your biggest sale promo.
Filipinos are suckers for good finds and good buys. They buy in bulk during mall sale to acquire the items that they like without actually paying for its original price. However, if they are not motivated enough to go to a sale, then it won’t be a success.

Sometimes putting flyers, releasing teaser images and other immovable media cannot induce desire – and that is where video content is good at. During the peak time in your store, make sure to be Live on Facebook and show some tempting footages of customers buying limited stocks, or racks and shelves on sale that are slowly running out of items. This way, you can induce immediate desires among those people who are still unsure about going to your event.

2) Arrival of New Items
Images of the products online at different angles can get your attention but a video content can put more depth into it. For example, in retail, you can support the posted content of your new items with a live video of a certain customer whom you observed taking one item to the fitting room. Or you can go live with the videos of customers going out of your store with paper bags of your items. It is also ideal to put a live video of your visual merchandisers who are doing a dress-up of your displays.

3) Strategic Marriage of Online and Physical Event
This is somehow connected to the first one, but with the element of greater urgency. For example, while the promo is ongoing, you will go on Live and take some footages around, then at the end of the video, you’ll invite them to visit your store up to a certain time. Those who will make it before the cut-off time can have an ‘X’ number of items which will be discounted for more than 50%.

There are a lot of things that small businesses can explore with social media platforms, especially Facebook. The only edge of small businesses against the giants of the different industries are flexibility, scope and creativity. Small businesses has the flexibility to try and test things without greatly affecting their operations. They are also flexible in terms of the scope of execution with extensive and stringent levels of approvals.

Remember, possibilities are countless if you use the right tool with creativity. For more information about kick-starting your business online, give us a call or visit iRepublicPH now!

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