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#LandingPageGoals: How to Improve Your Landing Page


So when do you think is the time to consider a landing page good enough? When it has its relevant content and high-res photos? Or when it reaches its highest online impression? Perhaps when it gives a conversion? Thousands and thousands of blogs and articles commence online, teaching website owners how to create an impeccable landing page. But to be brutally honest, no one can do it. Not unless they keep on improving their landing pages every second of the day. Yes, it’s an all-time oldie but a true goodie: change is constant. And the only way to achieve the #landingpagegoals is to constantly analyze every facet of it and change or improve it once in a while. So, for you to improve your site’s landing page, here are some tips you could mull over.

Let your viewers scroll and roll.
Traditionally, most marketers do not prefer landing pages that allow viewers to scroll over. They believe that when a page is scrollable, the chances of the viewer signing up and taking the offer diminishes. But in this digital era, interactivity reigns. Having a landing page that is plain and bland defeats your objective of catching people’s attention. You should get them hooked at their very first peek. Let them explore your site while feeding them all the product-centric odds and ends available. Plus, this feature could increase your site’s traffic, too. And who doesn’t want that?

There’s no end. Just another page.
Let’s imagine that your landing page is flawlessly created. You have all these striking photos, on-point content, and irresistible deal. Then a specific viewer ticks your CTA and fills out your mail-to-form containing the viewer’s details. After hitting the submit button, there goes this pop-up message that says thanks, states your company motto, or probably discloses another CTA. What happens next is your viewer, aka potential lead, closes that ending message. Now what? Sure, you reached your end goal there. But, just like the Beach Boys said, wouldn’t it be nice if that visitor crawls over your site a little longer? Share some constructive stuff, like a hyperlink of an interesting video or a downloadable online brochure that lands to another page of yours. Make every page on your website an entry to another interesting page on your website, like they just landed Narnia. Make website visitors want to click everything clickable on your website.

Quit compromising your landing pages and start investing on it. You can do the tweaking, testing, analyzing, and fault-finding anytime you want. Let that unending spirit of improvement drive more leads and conversions. So, to help you out, we here at iRepublic could start the change if you choose to have a revamp for your website first. Take note. Seven days. And no, this isn’t a horror movie device like that one with the ring and a girl climbing out of a well. In just seven quick days, iRepublic could produce a new look for your website. A look that your website deserves. On top of that, you can have it for as low as 6,000 php only! Not bad for a jumpstart, right? Definitely not bad. By then, you can focus on your landing page. Provide content that viewers will appreciate and get them thrilled. Excited yet? Reach iRepublic now or better see our packages first and let’s get this #landingpagegoals going.

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