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Freelance Work Tip #1: Learn To Say No


Corresponding with the latest figures provided by the Philippine Statistics Authority, there are over 950,000 current establishments in the country. Of these, 99.6% are precisely from micro, small, and medium enterprises. Though a large faction of businesses succeeds, people still opt to do freelance work because of income stability concerns.

If you are part of the self-employed population, there’s a good chance you want an overloading calendar schedule, correct? Okay, let’s say there are tons of projects in front of you. How would you know if those projects are suitable for you or not? How would you decide if it’s a go or a no?  Well, here are some circumstances that foreshadow non-beneficial freelance projects.

Demanding negotiations
Demands are exciting. It thrills your work habit. It gives you a chance to analyze a project’s situation and helps you sharpen your decision-making skills. As a freelancer, you can allow some demands especially when you’re new in the business.  You can adjust things since you handle your own clock. But too many demands are annoying and exhausting. Especially when a specific project eats up your day just because of multiple adjustments. If this scenario knocks on your door, don’t you dare touch the door knob.

Education and experience are the top considerations when it comes to freelance ratings. Your rates are quite low for the first few projects compared to others since you’re a startup. But just like other businesses, you have to become reasonable with your currency as the time passes. If in case a client stipulates to get a discount, consider your taxes, bills, and other invoices you have to maintain. Remember those things before you decide to cut your prices.

Painful clients
Painful projects can be endured. Painful clients cannot be. In every business, there will always be that one client who skipped their classes from GMRC (Good Manners and Right Conduct) and forgot the rules of basic decency and etiquette. If you experience mistreatment, abuse, or anything that causes you and your business harm, bid goodbye to them. They are not worthy of your courtesy. There are better clients who can respect your profession justly.

As a businessman, you have to know how to hold your boundaries. Preserve your time, energy, brain, and effort for more profitable projects that will soon come your way. You should also be choosy. You are a freelancer, a professional freelancer like what you aspired to be.  Acting and thinking like one holds stronger limitations and opportunities for yourself and for your business. If you can refer someone else to take your turned down projects, then it’s good. But saying no to others gives self-relief at times.

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