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Small, medium, large scale. Whatever type of business you are in, internet still is the theater of online war against other businesses. A business’ online presence lies on the quality of its website. Other than content, web design is also a critical consideration. Today, low performing and poorly designed websites cannot be tolerated by anyone. So, if you wish to achieve success with your digital strategy, here are some tips that may help your way in creating well-designed websites that are gratifying.

Make first impressions last
As a business-minded person, I know for a fact that you have an idea how hard it is to stay on people’s minds. You have to impress them the very second they encounter your website. Those first impressions will definitely last for years. Of course, you want it to be a good one. And with people having limitless options on choosing where to pay their attention, it’s challenging on your end. As per researches, opinions about your website can be made in milliseconds. Imagine, in just milliseconds you could lead to higher visitor satisfaction. Or, you could miss some opportunities. So, better stun your visitors with a pleasing website design to surely win their eyes – and hearts.

Be mobile-ready
With an average mobile subscriber growth rate of 6% every year, Philippines further establishes itself as a leader in mobile and digital technologies in Southeast Asia. This data is only one of the many proofs why businesses should ride the surge of this evolution and get their websites mobile-ready. No one spares time to zoom in and out just to get an information from a website that is not mobile responsive. People constantly leave in most cases. What’s more about getting mobile-ready is the consideration of Google to the websites that join this modernization. It’s a big factor if you yearn to be on top of Google SERPs.

Have a strong content but a stronger design
Don’t get me wrong, quality content is king. Unquestionably. But, you have to be reminded of the digital ecosystem that grows these days. User interface and user experience get balanced if both the content and design is well-constructed. Because even the finest content ever written is ineffective when it is published in a poorly designed website. You must learn how to play with each digital component there is to achieve website success.

Lucky for all the SMEs out there, it is possible for you to bring your brand online in just 7 days! For only 6,000php all in, you can now wrestle a match in this very competitive digital environment. You don’t need to have the geeky programming knowledge, you just have to contact iRepublic. Then, we’ll do all the work for you – including your web content! Yes, you read it right. iRepublic will take care of your website content for free if you opt to develop your site from us. Speed up, this promo is only available until the last quarter of this year.

About Us

About Us

iRepublic is the first website builder in the Philippines. Here, your business is our business. Trust us to put your brand online so you can turn web visits into buying customers!

Let our team of creative designers and digital masterminds who has a passion for helping brands bridge the gap between their traditional and online worlds. Our goal is to fill the world with websites that work!

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