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Common Web Design and Development Misconceptions Debunked!


Preconceived notions regarding web design and development arise as the demand for great websites increase. Most people who desire to have their own websites believe on some website myths that they don’t fully comprehend. Some are inaccurate, some are frustrating. It is reasonable since having an online presence these days is essential particularly for businesses. Here, iRepublic addresses selected misconceptions about web design and web development to help you clear things up.

Websites are only but an online brochure.

Wrong. If you have this kind of mindset, better carry your website away from the online world. It’s not up and around because you only intend to inform your visitors. No business owner would want to bore their potential customers and let them leave.  Your website was not built just for the sake of having it. It is, a lead generating tool for your business, and you should maximize it.

Once it’s published, it’s finished.

No. A website is never finished. It needs to be updated regularly to comply with the fast changes happening online. Websites should also adopt to the ever changing content consumption of online audiences.  So in the event that Google releases new algorithms, or a new web design structure trends; it’s good that you’re in the path of modernization.

It will go viral right away.

This is probably one of the top web design misconceptions of all. Web designers make sure your site is aesthetically ready to have an optimized user experience, interface, and performance. But, the promotion of your page is handed to your marketing strategies. Web designing is a different service with website optimization. It takes a lot of work to promote your site.

 Websites are for the client’s eyes.

In business, you always have to consider the preferences of your market, in all possible standpoint. This idea is totally applicable in web designing also. Your web visitors’ perspective is more important than your personal perspective. You’re the business owner, and sometimes you tend to overthink and assume that you know what your market needs and wants to see from your website. However, not all the visitors will perceive your site the same way you do. Please them. Because in the end, those visitors are the ones that you’ll convince to engage with your brand, not yourself.

There shouldn’t be white spaces.

Partner, we’re approaching 2017. Bold letters, splashy images, pop-ups, and glittery backgrounds are so antique when it comes to web design. We are about minimalism and simplicity these days. And people go after a site that offers convenience, not complexity.  The more you overwhelm your visitors with a jam-packed graphics and texts, the higher chance that they will eventually run off your website. The cleaner it looks, the better it is for visitors to navigate it.

These are but bits among other website design and development myths that exist today. Do you have any questions in mind with regard to websites? Or do you consider creating a website for your business? Hand the hassle over to iRepublic! Let the team of creative designers and digital masterminds help you bridge your business’ traditional and digital gaps. Known as the first website builder here in our country, you can trust iRepublic to bring your brand online in the simplest and easiest way. Give iRepublic a call and get a quote now!


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