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Does my small business really need a website?

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There is no denying that the digital revolution is, now more than ever, upon us. And with the online world being a vast planet of endless possibilities, it is very easy to feel insignificant amongst the giants. This is why, even after decades of the internet existing as an essential tool in the market’s buying cycle, there is still a great number of entrepreneurs who dare ask- “Does my small business really need a website?”
Our answer? YES. Here’s why:

Right now, the market behavior we are witnessing starts and ends online. In fact, a study conducted by Visa International has revealed that nine out of 10 Filipinos prefer to do their shopping online with 58% of those citing convenience as the number one reason (47% price, 46% deals).

In today’s digital era, consumers are more likely to search about a product or service online first before actually going to the store. With a business website, your market can immediately pass judgment on your brand and make an immediate decision on whether or not you are the right provider for them. Without a website, you are robbing your consumers of the instant, albeit intangible, experience you have to offer that might just push them to the doors of your store tomorrow.

No matter how small your business is, having a website is a great investment that could contribute to its potential success. Not having a website is accepting the fact that you are only willing to reach 7% of your market; imagine, that’s 93% potential consumers you are losing just because you are afraid to spend a little time, money, and effort on putting your business online.

And don’t take website design too lightly, too. Being online is different from being effectively online. It doesn’t stop with just having an online presence, it’s continuously changing your digital strategies so that it perfectly represents not just your brand but your consumers’ demands as well.

So, are you ready to have a business website that works? Then let’s start building your brand online. With our 20% off promo, you can have a website up for as low as Php 4,800 and as fast as 7 days! Or if you are in retail, you can now sell your products online with an ecommerce website that’s as affordable as Php 36,000! Just go here and enter DISCOUNT20 as a promo code. Hurry, offer is until July 31, 2016 only.

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The Why’s and How’s of Infographics

Blog_Whys and Hows of Inforgraphics

When planning out a marketing strategy, a highly-recommended tool to use is infographics. These are different content that have been laid out creatively and strategically in order to be easily understood by its readers. It has proven to be extremely effective for a number of reasons such as, half of our brain is dedicated to a visual function and that 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual. Also, studies have shown that 99% of all sensory information is filtered out by the brain almost immediately, and inforgraphics are in the remaining 1% that actually gets through. And because images are processed simultaneously by our minds, it is done so 60,000 times faster than text.

With all the notable advantages infographics have to offer, there is no doubt you are now considering it as a medium to market your business.  However, simply producing an infographic for the sake of doing so will not cut it. Like with any design, there are some pointers in order to create the most effective infographics.

  • Define its purpose

As previously stated, you shouldn’t simply create an infographic for the sake of it. You need to have a well thought-out idea as to what it will be about, who you are trying to target, which designs would work best in order to fully deliver the message and the tone you want to convey. All these elements must tie together to achieve the best possible result.

  • Tell a story

When you market something, your intention is for viewers to buy into what you are trying to sell. Whether it’s a product, service or call to action, you want to them to take interest in it. Telling a story is an effective tool to reach your audience emotionally. Give them something to relate to that will be in line with the message you are trying to send.

  • Research

Get a good look into the trending infographics today and study them. Take note of all the elements such as color, text, font choice, content, layout and visuals. Try to understand what makes all the components work so well together, and apply this when you start designing your own. You may just come across a design suited for what you are trying to sell.

  • Emphasize on the visual

Naturally, what makes an infographic so effective is that it is a highly-visual medium. The very essence of it though, is that it is able to combine an image and text with the visuals effectively conveying the message.

  • Be consistent with your branding

The entirety of your infographic’s design should still reflect the brand of your organization or company. Whether it’s in the color scheme or probably a placement of the logo, any form of recognition will help boost its engagement.

It seems as though web design is not the only creative medium you need to focus on in order to sell your business online. Infographics may just be one of the many effective marketing tools, but it is undoubtedly one of the most effective ones. Just be sure you have a clear idea set in mind of your message and branding, coupled with these tips and you are sure to come up with a very effective infographic.


Source: Yeomans, Neomam

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