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Blog Banner - 02August2016

Ever dreamt of becoming a company president when you were young? Well, like the bunch of us, I did. I remember when I was eight, I used to raid my mom’s closet and get her satchel and stilettos. I did play-pretend to be a grownup lady boss. That was my solo staple game as an unica hija. However, a dream like this is no longer a dream for Sreelakshmi Suresh. It is her reality.

Sreelakshmi Suresh is a multi-awarded web designer from Kerala, India. Suresh is known for her exceptional knowledge in web designing and web development. Back in 2006, at the age of eight, she was named as the World’s Youngest Web Designer and Youngest CEO in the entire history of world business. Yes, you read it right, eight and a CEO already. Her company, eDesign Technologies, is one of the top web development companies in India.

But it does not stop there. As mentioned above, she is a multi-awarded web genius. Suresh received numerous national and international distinctive awards because of her remarkable knowledge and skills in her craft. One explicit example is the honoring of The Association of American Webmasters to Suresh. TAAW awarded her the Gold Web Award, the highest award the organization could ever give. FYI, she is the only member of the organization whose age is under 18. But, not just that. She also received the National Child Award for Exceptional Achievement in India back in 2008 given by the Government of India.

News and reports say that the story behind Suresh’s fascination in web design started in her early childhood. As young as 3 years old, she already managed to know the basics of a personal computer. Her parents did not foresee that the beguilement of Sreelakshmi to MS Paint will be her drive for a much bigger and brighter future. And from there, the rest, as they say, is history. Today, Sreelakshmi Suresh has already designed and developed over 100 websites from different organizations, institutions and individuals. And she continues to strive for excellence in the industry she’s in.

Young and wise. Yet, being described as such should never cease the learning. There are handful of ideas to come. There are still many discoveries to discern. And we all should live by the late Nelson Mandela’s life mantra, after climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb! Because wisdom is infinite. Seize it.


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Blog Banner - 22July16

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

This lemonade quote has been my life mantra ever since I read it over the internet. It imparts to make use of what’s on our hands, otherwise, make something out of what we got. Yes, it makes sense. It keeps the spirit alive on our desolated days. Yet I wonder, what if we jump off our grown-up beliefs and look over it with a much broader perspective?

Like, what if life suddenly throws us lemons? Will we instantly make lemonades? Won’t we try making lemon cakes? Lemon candies? Or maybe lemon deodorizers? Undeniably, most of us will perhaps squeeze everything out of that lemon and just settle for its juices. It’s the most conventional way. It’s the most convenient way, too.  Although there are various products we could possibly make out of it, we tend to border ourselves.  Get satisfied with the usual. The biggest leap to dodge off is questioning the accustomed decisions we make.  Think about it. Maybe it is the right time to squeeze quite more of what lemons can offer other than its juices.  Just as to what technological era proves nowadays: we are intelligent and limitless.  We should utilize it.

Decades ago, we are but busy citizens living our lives with the traditional cycle – we wake up, go to school or work, earn knowledge or bucks, spend time with our colleagues or friends, repeat. But then, internet happened. In just a few rotations of the Earth, the citizens are now the so-called netizens. We are the habitual and avid users of internet. A day would not pass without us checking our online social media accounts. Get the latest news and trends. Share the lives we live. Judge away another else’s life and get judged in return.

Since internet also started having adverse negative effects on us — like addiction, to be exact — why not use it as a tool to make something profitable? For instance, try getting online jobs, be it an online tutor or an online teacher. Also, you could be an online consultant.  Or you could strive selling online. Start up an online business. Use your connections and succeed.

Indeed, there are many, many ways on how we could make use of what we have, name it all. And most definitely, there are constructive means to turn our own lemonades to curing-lemon medicines one day. Because why not?

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Web Design Feng Shui This 2016

Kung Hei Fat Choi! Yesterday was the Chinese Lunar New Year, welcoming the Year of the Fire Monkey! Did you happen to wear your reds yesterday? Red means luck for the Chinese as we all know. We need all the luck we could have for this year.

Aside from wearing reds, the Chinese believes in feng shui, or the act of putting harmony within a particular surrounding. Incorporating feng shui in a space generally improves the flow of energy in the room, making it a positive space. These times, it’s not always we find positivity everywhere.

You can feng shui your house, your room, your office, maybe even your garage. But can you feng shui your website? Interesting question, but yes. You can.

Utilizing feng shui in a website is generally about improving user experience and aligning web pages. Think size, shape, color, and functionality. Put these elements in a position that would optimize your website in its best form. That’s feng shui.

Here are some points to consider:

  1. Simplicity

The principle that less is more holds more water than you think. A website with less imaging cleverly arranged is better than an image-heavy website that can’t even function well. Putting more image into your website slows down the loading process. And you know what happens next. People leave a slow website. There goes your potential client.

  1. Placement

The arrangement of items in a website is one of the factors best considered in the user experience of a visitor. Sensible arrangement of links and graphics makes navigation of the website not a pain. Therefore, giving the visitor the comfort of going through your website.

  1. Colors

Whatever we do, color makes everything more fun. In websites, it is best to stick with light and bright colors, as these colors bring in more positive energy. Steer clear from dark colors. But note, too much white space isn’t good too. Feng shui is all about balance, so moderation is still needed.

  1. Shapes

Shapes represent a particular element, according to the Chinese. Square represents earth, triangle represents fire, round for metal, waves for water, and rectangle for wood. But you don’t need to incorporate all shapes in your website. Putting all these shapes together can also draw chi away.

  1. Lines

Straight lines can break the flow of chi, since feng shui mirrors the setting of nature and straight lines are rarely represented in nature. In a website, the scroll bars depict straight lines. These are countered by maintaining a simple text within the website.

  1. Movement

Leaving your webstite stagnant produces bad chi, and that’s not good. Movement in a website prevents it from being stagnant, and this can be done by putting natural-looking graphics, fluid lines, curves and images of natural elements such as trees and flowers.

  1. Typography

Everybody loves a good font, but since a “good” font is subjective, some considerations must be taken into place. First, pick a font that would be common in all computers, desktops and laptops. It may be cool to pick a unique font, but quality of the overall look of the website may be compromised if your chosen font will not show well in other gadgets. Also, settle on a font that is not so large and not so small, that your visitors will have to squint. Inconsistency breaks the flow of chi, therefore hindering positive energy to glide within the website.

  1. Content

Content is king. It is a crucial part of a website, because it stands as the heart and soul of the website. This is why content should be engaging and should deliver its message clearly and on point, regardless of feng shui or not. Putting header and sub-headers makes it easier for readers to identify the topic of the article. Writing short paragraphs also makes it not a drag to read.


Feng shui is not as complicated as we think. But if you still don’t know what to do, give our peeps from iRepublic a call. We can do your website feng shui for you.

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Is Turning Your Passion Into a Profession a Good Idea?


I always used to say I never wanted a job that would coincide with my passions in life. Drawing, performing, photography and even writing were the things I never considered doing for a living. It’s weird because why wouldn’t you want to be paid to do what you love right? I guess what held me back was the fear of the demand any job would pose.   These were the things I loved doing, and I didn’t want to do them just because I had to. In a lot of ways, I guess you could say some part of me was afraid to lose interest in the things I loved to do if it was going to be demanded from me on a daily basis. And yet here I am, working a nine-to-six job, five days a week as a writer. Who would’ve guessed?

It suddenly became clear to me how my thoughts on having a job that was my passion wasn’t exactly true. The first week I was still convinced that I would start to lose interest in my personal writing, but eventually it became clear to me how I seemed to have been psyching myself out. There were long days that even if I came home dead tired, I still had this inkling to scribble something down in a journal or post something on my blog. And the beauty of it was that I realized I had made improvements as a writer because of all the time spent doing so in the office. They may not have been amazing improvements that would catapult me to stardom in the writing world, but they were improvements nonetheless. I actually felt proud of myself for being able to write the way I did at work. I was starting to step out of the box of writing basic journal musings and was paving my way into the lines of writing that was more focused on advertising.


(Image source: Teenlife)

It was hard at first, having to adjust my style and tone into something more formal and suited for business. Every now and then I’d find myself questioning whether or not following my passion was a good idea, or if it just made me second guess my abilities in its field. And the truth was, it was a little bit of both. I think that like any endeavor a person goes through, the start is always the hardest part. I am only just starting to grow in this world of paying taxes and budgeting funds to last you ‘til the next paycheck; but I am learning all those things while still being able to do something I enjoy. Yes, sometimes it gets hard. (Especially commute wise, don’t even get me started!) But it has been said that nothing worth having ever comes easy. Maybe when we second guess ourselves it’s because we realize how there’s still room to improve. Having that kind of outlook will only make you work harder, and it means you are bound to get better at something you love doing.

The saying that, “if you do something you love as your work, you will never have to work a day in your life” is not absolutely true. It’s not absolutely false either. Even if you are doing something you love, you cannot completely escape the reality and pressure that it is still a job. There are still deadlines to meet and people you need to please. One thing I can say for sure though is that when your job is something you love to do, you willingly work harder at it even without being told to do so. You go out of your way to be better not to prove anything to other people, but to prove something to yourself. There are basically a number of pros and cons when you decide to turn your passion into a profession. If you ask me though, I’d say go for it. Because if something is really your passion in life, you won’t give up on it so easily.

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Add Flare to Your Web Design with These Color Tools


When designing a website, one of the many important factors to take notice of is your color scheme. Color plays a significant role in the human mind, influencing factors such as creativity, emotions, interest and the communication. In trying to make your website more distinguished among others, a good color scheme can prove to be very influential. Some colors like red are already associated with universal meanings such as love or danger. Green on the other hand, is seen as something in tune with nature and the environment. Colors can easily communicate different meanings, which is why it is important to have a palette that fully encompasses the brand of your website and business.

Selecting your color palette should be treated as a science. You must note that there are certain colors that will not react well to each other, and there are those that cannot stand alone as well. With the different connotations there are behind certain colors, you cannot simply settle for what is your preference. Take into consideration the branding and message you want your site to emit, and work your way from there.

In order to aid you in your web design process, here are a number of color tools you can use according to Bashooka.

  • Brandcolors
    Blog_Color Tools_Brand Colors
    Have a particular brand in mind when thinking of colors schemes that inspire you? With, you are provided the official color codes for the biggest brands in the world. From Facebook, Android, to Coca-Cola and Nike, your hunt for brand color schemes has never been easier. Also, if you find there are brands which you feel should be there but aren’t, they also provided a “Contribute” feature for users.


  • Coolors
    Coolors is a tool that lives up to its name as a “cool” color scheme generator for designers. Its structure makes it easy for anyone to select ready-made color palettes with a single tap of a button. On the other hand, if you’re in the business of wanting to create your own palette, the web tool also allows you to do so. All you have to do is lock in a color you come across and then continue switching up the rest until you lock in a selection that is to your liking.
  • Materialpalette
    Blog_Color Tools_Material Palette allows you to choose two colors from their selection. Your picks will then be generated into a material design palette which you have the option of downloading. The generated palette features a number of other colors that you did not select, but compliment well with the choices you did make.


  • HTML Color Codes
    As for any web designer, HTML color codes are still a staple go-to when making color selections. The interface of its program is basic and familiar to anyone who has experience in making color selection in Microsoft Word. Once you select a color, you have the option of changing its hue to lighter, darker or somewhere in between another color. All you need to do is drag your curser along the color block and adjust the meter located to its right.
  • Color Hunt
    Blog_Color Tools_Colro Hunt
    If you aren’t fully confident in your color choices, can help you as they provided a curated collection of colors which are updated daily. Their schemes usually come in a range of four colors that are collated to resemble swatches. And because their site is updated daily, you never have trouble looking for something new and trendy. Now that’s a color hunt made extremely easy for anyone


There’s no denying how color adds flare to your whole website. However simple it may sound, selecting your color scheme is not a task to be taken lightly. If you’re still not certain how to get the right color scheme for your website, why not consult with a web design agency for more ideas? It’s important to get all the help you can in order to produce the best outcome.


Source: Bashooka, Design and Promote

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