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Business Ecosystem: How to Build a Sustainable Community of Entrepreneurs


If one is to recon the coined term “business ecosystem” to every single entrepreneur, answers would spawn a lot of other questions for sure. People will probe you since those words are alien to them. Most will think it’s just another marketing whim rising in this millennium of trendsetters. Others might overlook the idea. Well, they might be wrong.

To give you a gist, business ecosystem refers to consumers, merchandisers, associations, influencers, marketers, and other concerned organizations that converge to collaborate with each other in order to produce first-rate products and services to develop individual or group competitive improvements. Some small and medium enterprises refuse to engage in this kind of community because they often marginalize their business’ competencies. Much to their surprise, business ecosystems are formed to accentuate the SMEs themselves. And expressing a hesitation to join an ecosystem just confines your company to seize further business opportunities. Actually, you can start building a sustainable business ecosystem for your fellow entrepreneurs. Here’s how:

 Establishing foundation

First, assess your market. Supposing that your focal point in this strategy is procurement of customers, who do you think are included in your potential market? Where do you think they are headed? What are their needs? Who can help you acquire such niche? You have a lot of self-questioning to do. Understand your future customers and utilize that knowledge to help you build your business strategy foundation. And sometimes, this comprehensive market approach bridges you to your future partners who will be part of your ecosystem.

Community assembling

Leave all those old and traditional market-reaching schemes and start adopting a wider and extensive one for a newer ecosystem frame of mind. Reevaluate your partnership plans. Widen your peripheries to widen your market reach. Prioritize the unceasing changes and growth of your business ecosystem. Consider these things to keep you aligned with your strategy and to guide you in assembling your own community of entrepreneurs.


Undoubtedly, entrepreneurs are all around the corner. The actions and decisions made by each of them are favorably interconnected. By making these connections precise and well-plotted, forming a strategy and devising a business community could yield an effective recognition of opportunities and clearly-projected outcomes. Then soon enough, business ecosystems will not be an extra-terrestrial concept to many businessmen and entrepreneurs out there.

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BREAKING: iRepublic Gives Free Content!


Google loves content. Digital marketers know that very well. No matter how updated and aesthetically pleasing your website is, if your content is not that compelling, odds are, it won’t bear any impact. In a study made by IBM Digital Experience, it states that 56% of marketers believe that website content promotes higher engagement rates. Meaning, the more attention-worthy, relevant, and of high quality your website content is, the more the possibility that it will drive web traffic. It should establish your brand, your expertise, and your business value, too.

Despite the digital revolution we have right now, a big chunk of websites still pays no heed to their website content. Do you want to be part of that chunk? Or do you wish to outmaneuver them? If you answered yes to our second question, well, iRepublic cooked something up for you. We know, we know. You’ve been actively waiting for this day to come – to finally publish your own website WITH FREE CONTENT. And hey, the long wait is over and we’re glad you found this blog.

Starting today, you can purchase any iRepublic package and automatically have a content solely written for your website. We can build your own website with free 3-page content for as low as 6000php, in as quick as seven days! The free website content includes a maximum of 250 words per page, with two content revisions. ‘Cause we here at iRepublic believes that quality overthrows quantity with regards to content writing.

This promo is rolled out the moment we publish this blog. So, if you have the desire to grow your online presence through well-crafted website and content, you’ve found the best partner. iRepublic will definitely support you in all your online marketing essentials. We got you.

Be among the first to dredge up on this special promo. Cultivate better client relationships through iRepublic! Reach us now for further details.

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Bringing your brand to social media sites is like cherishing a friendship. You are getting friends because you have earned each other’s trust. You value them as much as they value you because you communicate – you tell stories, share experiences, and share a liking on similar things. Having a true set of friends is parallel to gaining solid online followers. The relationship should be welcoming, equally valuable, and of course, genuine.

However, in the social media milieu, having millions of followers is nothing but a metric of brand awareness if there are no meaningful engagements, and virtual interactions do not occur between the brand and the followers per se. Hence, to humanize your brand, you must develop friendship-like relationships for your business to increase loyal supporters. iRepublic enumerated below some strategies to help you make your brand be more human.

Create a brand persona.
A brand persona is your business’ personality attributes. It is your social media image as a brand. This includes the kind of tone, language, gender, age, and nationality your brand will take on. Take time to assess your brand’s character: is it more of a persuader? An optimist? An extrovert? An expert? Or a comedian? In this way, your followers would know the tonality they can use the minute they communicate with you.

Talk, but listen more.
Even the international and world-class brands do not limit themselves in just making promotions and endorsements on social media. They also pin out some virtual ears – they listen. You, as a brand, have to learn how to sensibly listen to your followers. After you gather their comments, you must act on what you hear and learn from it.

Be a netizen, not a brand.
The goal of this blog is to help you humanize your brand. So, to accurately do it, your brand needs to breathe and live in the social media like a normal netizen does. Do the latest trends, create some memes, produce viral videos, and join the bandwagon. Remember, netizens love it when a brand talks on social media like a real person. It cuts the intimidation and builds connection.

Despite the fact that social media is now incorporated in most business’ marketing plan, only few understand and utilize it well enough. Today, social media is one of the perfect avenues in building brands like yours. The key here is to master its scheme and the people within it. And with your brand getting socialized online, you get a big advantage in attaining meaningful engagement and opportunities. Because the more you socialize your brand, the more likely your followers will develop a bond and stick with you for long periods of time.

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#LandingPageGoals: How to Improve Your Landing Page


So when do you think is the time to consider a landing page good enough? When it has its relevant content and high-res photos? Or when it reaches its highest online impression? Perhaps when it gives a conversion? Thousands and thousands of blogs and articles commence online, teaching website owners how to create an impeccable landing page. But to be brutally honest, no one can do it. Not unless they keep on improving their landing pages every second of the day. Yes, it’s an all-time oldie but a true goodie: change is constant. And the only way to achieve the #landingpagegoals is to constantly analyze every facet of it and change or improve it once in a while. So, for you to improve your site’s landing page, here are some tips you could mull over.

Let your viewers scroll and roll.
Traditionally, most marketers do not prefer landing pages that allow viewers to scroll over. They believe that when a page is scrollable, the chances of the viewer signing up and taking the offer diminishes. But in this digital era, interactivity reigns. Having a landing page that is plain and bland defeats your objective of catching people’s attention. You should get them hooked at their very first peek. Let them explore your site while feeding them all the product-centric odds and ends available. Plus, this feature could increase your site’s traffic, too. And who doesn’t want that?

There’s no end. Just another page.
Let’s imagine that your landing page is flawlessly created. You have all these striking photos, on-point content, and irresistible deal. Then a specific viewer ticks your CTA and fills out your mail-to-form containing the viewer’s details. After hitting the submit button, there goes this pop-up message that says thanks, states your company motto, or probably discloses another CTA. What happens next is your viewer, aka potential lead, closes that ending message. Now what? Sure, you reached your end goal there. But, just like the Beach Boys said, wouldn’t it be nice if that visitor crawls over your site a little longer? Share some constructive stuff, like a hyperlink of an interesting video or a downloadable online brochure that lands to another page of yours. Make every page on your website an entry to another interesting page on your website, like they just landed Narnia. Make website visitors want to click everything clickable on your website.

Quit compromising your landing pages and start investing on it. You can do the tweaking, testing, analyzing, and fault-finding anytime you want. Let that unending spirit of improvement drive more leads and conversions. So, to help you out, we here at iRepublic could start the change if you choose to have a revamp for your website first. Take note. Seven days. And no, this isn’t a horror movie device like that one with the ring and a girl climbing out of a well. In just seven quick days, iRepublic could produce a new look for your website. A look that your website deserves. On top of that, you can have it for as low as 6,000 php only! Not bad for a jumpstart, right? Definitely not bad. By then, you can focus on your landing page. Provide content that viewers will appreciate and get them thrilled. Excited yet? Reach iRepublic now or better see our packages first and let’s get this #landingpagegoals going.

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Facebook Live to Boost Your Small Business’s Sales and Promos


The business world is painful yet rewarding. And setting up one will make you feel sheer exhaustion if you don’t have a complete arsenal of keeping things going, you’ll eventually find yourself slamming at the walls of quitting. As a small business owner you should think on your feet and gather all the tools you need that could save you time and more money, especially in the coming season when you need to compete neck-to-neck with your competitors in order to make the most of the coming buying season.

One of the things that small businesses like yours tend to overlook in this digital age is the full potential of Facebook. This social media platform isn’t just about posting updates and engaging with your customers by answering their queries. It also boasts real-time capability via Facebook Live.

Some businesses think that Facebook Live is only applicable during events and other activities that need real-time coverage to be shared with their fans. But, the potential use of this Facebook feature isn’t limited to events coverage. It can be used to induce desire and wants when you are having promos or big sale activities.
Below are the following strategies where you can use Facebook Live to boost your business:

1) Real time video snippets of your biggest sale promo.
Filipinos are suckers for good finds and good buys. They buy in bulk during mall sale to acquire the items that they like without actually paying for its original price. However, if they are not motivated enough to go to a sale, then it won’t be a success.

Sometimes putting flyers, releasing teaser images and other immovable media cannot induce desire – and that is where video content is good at. During the peak time in your store, make sure to be Live on Facebook and show some tempting footages of customers buying limited stocks, or racks and shelves on sale that are slowly running out of items. This way, you can induce immediate desires among those people who are still unsure about going to your event.

2) Arrival of New Items
Images of the products online at different angles can get your attention but a video content can put more depth into it. For example, in retail, you can support the posted content of your new items with a live video of a certain customer whom you observed taking one item to the fitting room. Or you can go live with the videos of customers going out of your store with paper bags of your items. It is also ideal to put a live video of your visual merchandisers who are doing a dress-up of your displays.

3) Strategic Marriage of Online and Physical Event
This is somehow connected to the first one, but with the element of greater urgency. For example, while the promo is ongoing, you will go on Live and take some footages around, then at the end of the video, you’ll invite them to visit your store up to a certain time. Those who will make it before the cut-off time can have an ‘X’ number of items which will be discounted for more than 50%.

There are a lot of things that small businesses can explore with social media platforms, especially Facebook. The only edge of small businesses against the giants of the different industries are flexibility, scope and creativity. Small businesses has the flexibility to try and test things without greatly affecting their operations. They are also flexible in terms of the scope of execution with extensive and stringent levels of approvals.

Remember, possibilities are countless if you use the right tool with creativity. For more information about kick-starting your business online, give us a call or visit iRepublicPH now!

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