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Dealing with Startups’ Big Challenges


Despite the size, putting up a small business is no easy-peasy, lemon squeezy craft. Sure, times are tough for startup entrepreneurs like you because of the amount of challenges your small business face. Things never go easy for you yet the good thing is, you are not alone. Every new entrepreneur, of course, goes through these hard times too. Get over with these challenges as iRepublic delve into some of them.


How do you think you can attract and retain your potential customers knowing that you’re new in the industry? Well, potential customers usually go for companies with more experience in the business rather than risk it with startup ones. But, here’s the big “but”: the bigger ones often cost hilariously expensive and sometimes produce mediocre quality services or products since they have already gained masses of customers. The catch here is that there are several potential clients who look for enterprises that provide much affordable for a service that isn’t down the drain. And it can be you. Provide your potential customers with admirable products and impeccable service and surely they will remain to be your customers and may even recommend you to their fellow buyers.


Good business starts with good connections. It’s a common fact that in business, it’s not what you know that matters, it’s who you know. Without a network of influential people and collaborating businesses, you’ll have a hard time crossing the business world threshold. Though creating connections whilst accomplishing your small business’ errands exhausts your whole being, that’s the reality. You got to face it, and get things done accordingly. It’s a tough challenge. However, the coming of new opportunities, new customers, and new trades can be rewarding.


Traditional, digital, online, offline, direct, or indirect, marketing lays diverse techniques to help you divulge your stories and build your brand in the competitive business world. Even the biggest of brands still have to impress their market day by day. So don’t think that just because you’re a startup there’s no need to lend sufficient time sticking your brand in people’s minds. You even should conduct a small-scale market research and start having a solid marketing plan that suits in your industry.


Don’t let these challenges discourage you from doing what you love. Time will come when you’ll encounter one of these, or you are probably experiencing one at this time. But, don’t be blinded by it. Rather, overcome it. So, clear your thoughts for a second, inhale some Beatles air and altogether I know we can work it out 🎶 🎶


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Business Ecosystem: How to Build a Sustainable Community of Entrepreneurs


If one is to recon the coined term “business ecosystem” to every single entrepreneur, answers would spawn a lot of other questions for sure. People will probe you since those words are alien to them. Most will think it’s just another marketing whim rising in this millennium of trendsetters. Others might overlook the idea. Well, they might be wrong.

To give you a gist, business ecosystem refers to consumers, merchandisers, associations, influencers, marketers, and other concerned organizations that converge to collaborate with each other in order to produce first-rate products and services to develop individual or group competitive improvements. Some small and medium enterprises refuse to engage in this kind of community because they often marginalize their business’ competencies. Much to their surprise, business ecosystems are formed to accentuate the SMEs themselves. And expressing a hesitation to join an ecosystem just confines your company to seize further business opportunities. Actually, you can start building a sustainable business ecosystem for your fellow entrepreneurs. Here’s how:

 Establishing foundation

First, assess your market. Supposing that your focal point in this strategy is procurement of customers, who do you think are included in your potential market? Where do you think they are headed? What are their needs? Who can help you acquire such niche? You have a lot of self-questioning to do. Understand your future customers and utilize that knowledge to help you build your business strategy foundation. And sometimes, this comprehensive market approach bridges you to your future partners who will be part of your ecosystem.

Community assembling

Leave all those old and traditional market-reaching schemes and start adopting a wider and extensive one for a newer ecosystem frame of mind. Reevaluate your partnership plans. Widen your peripheries to widen your market reach. Prioritize the unceasing changes and growth of your business ecosystem. Consider these things to keep you aligned with your strategy and to guide you in assembling your own community of entrepreneurs.


Undoubtedly, entrepreneurs are all around the corner. The actions and decisions made by each of them are favorably interconnected. By making these connections precise and well-plotted, forming a strategy and devising a business community could yield an effective recognition of opportunities and clearly-projected outcomes. Then soon enough, business ecosystems will not be an extra-terrestrial concept to many businessmen and entrepreneurs out there.

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Common Web Design and Development Misconceptions Debunked!


Preconceived notions regarding web design and development arise as the demand for great websites increase. Most people who desire to have their own websites believe on some website myths that they don’t fully comprehend. Some are inaccurate, some are frustrating. It is reasonable since having an online presence these days is essential particularly for businesses. Here, iRepublic addresses selected misconceptions about web design and web development to help you clear things up.

Websites are only but an online brochure.

Wrong. If you have this kind of mindset, better carry your website away from the online world. It’s not up and around because you only intend to inform your visitors. No business owner would want to bore their potential customers and let them leave.  Your website was not built just for the sake of having it. It is, a lead generating tool for your business, and you should maximize it.

Once it’s published, it’s finished.

No. A website is never finished. It needs to be updated regularly to comply with the fast changes happening online. Websites should also adopt to the ever changing content consumption of online audiences.  So in the event that Google releases new algorithms, or a new web design structure trends; it’s good that you’re in the path of modernization.

It will go viral right away.

This is probably one of the top web design misconceptions of all. Web designers make sure your site is aesthetically ready to have an optimized user experience, interface, and performance. But, the promotion of your page is handed to your marketing strategies. Web designing is a different service with website optimization. It takes a lot of work to promote your site.

 Websites are for the client’s eyes.

In business, you always have to consider the preferences of your market, in all possible standpoint. This idea is totally applicable in web designing also. Your web visitors’ perspective is more important than your personal perspective. You’re the business owner, and sometimes you tend to overthink and assume that you know what your market needs and wants to see from your website. However, not all the visitors will perceive your site the same way you do. Please them. Because in the end, those visitors are the ones that you’ll convince to engage with your brand, not yourself.

There shouldn’t be white spaces.

Partner, we’re approaching 2017. Bold letters, splashy images, pop-ups, and glittery backgrounds are so antique when it comes to web design. We are about minimalism and simplicity these days. And people go after a site that offers convenience, not complexity.  The more you overwhelm your visitors with a jam-packed graphics and texts, the higher chance that they will eventually run off your website. The cleaner it looks, the better it is for visitors to navigate it.

These are but bits among other website design and development myths that exist today. Do you have any questions in mind with regard to websites? Or do you consider creating a website for your business? Hand the hassle over to iRepublic! Let the team of creative designers and digital masterminds help you bridge your business’ traditional and digital gaps. Known as the first website builder here in our country, you can trust iRepublic to bring your brand online in the simplest and easiest way. Give iRepublic a call and get a quote now!


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Good Web Design, Good Business


Small, medium, large scale. Whatever type of business you are in, internet still is the theater of online war against other businesses. A business’ online presence lies on the quality of its website. Other than content, web design is also a critical consideration. Today, low performing and poorly designed websites cannot be tolerated by anyone. So, if you wish to achieve success with your digital strategy, here are some tips that may help your way in creating well-designed websites that are gratifying.

Make first impressions last
As a business-minded person, I know for a fact that you have an idea how hard it is to stay on people’s minds. You have to impress them the very second they encounter your website. Those first impressions will definitely last for years. Of course, you want it to be a good one. And with people having limitless options on choosing where to pay their attention, it’s challenging on your end. As per researches, opinions about your website can be made in milliseconds. Imagine, in just milliseconds you could lead to higher visitor satisfaction. Or, you could miss some opportunities. So, better stun your visitors with a pleasing website design to surely win their eyes – and hearts.

Be mobile-ready
With an average mobile subscriber growth rate of 6% every year, Philippines further establishes itself as a leader in mobile and digital technologies in Southeast Asia. This data is only one of the many proofs why businesses should ride the surge of this evolution and get their websites mobile-ready. No one spares time to zoom in and out just to get an information from a website that is not mobile responsive. People constantly leave in most cases. What’s more about getting mobile-ready is the consideration of Google to the websites that join this modernization. It’s a big factor if you yearn to be on top of Google SERPs.

Have a strong content but a stronger design
Don’t get me wrong, quality content is king. Unquestionably. But, you have to be reminded of the digital ecosystem that grows these days. User interface and user experience get balanced if both the content and design is well-constructed. Because even the finest content ever written is ineffective when it is published in a poorly designed website. You must learn how to play with each digital component there is to achieve website success.

Lucky for all the SMEs out there, it is possible for you to bring your brand online in just 7 days! For only 6,000php all in, you can now wrestle a match in this very competitive digital environment. You don’t need to have the geeky programming knowledge, you just have to contact iRepublic. Then, we’ll do all the work for you – including your web content! Yes, you read it right. iRepublic will take care of your website content for free if you opt to develop your site from us. Speed up, this promo is only available until the last quarter of this year.

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Email Marketing: An Overview

Blog Banner - 26August2016

Have you come across a certain time when you’re going through your email then all of a sudden an anonymous or sometimes familiar company name sent you a message, saying they are on sale or they are having a bazaar of such? How did you respond to it? Did you answer back? Or did you disregard it? Perhaps, you initially suspected it as an anomaly over the net, much likely a spam message although it’s not. It is identified today as Email Marketing.

For a much broader sense, Email Marketing is another digital marketing tactic that focuses on using electronic mail as a communication tool to directly convey messages to a specific audience. Thus, every single email sent to a prospect market or existing client is considered email marketing already.

Frequently, the message of these emails contains product-centric ads, company newsletters, solicitations, and event invites. This approach applies best if you aim to increase brand awareness, drive sales and develop brand loyalty to your target market.

One of the many advantages of email marketing is being significantly cheaper and faster than traditional mail. Rather than consuming your time creating content through snail-mail, you could save tons of your time searching for more leads to target.

If in case you consider this type of digital marketing, the vital phase on it is to guarantee that the emails that you send are actually getting opened and read by your recipients — since 91% of your potential customers check their email daily. You have to ensure it is not getting trashed, or else all your efforts are put to waste. Also, you cannot achieve full success if you settle to just emailing. You need to take action and have phone calls, if needed. This is, I believe, the best way to convert your readers into customers.

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