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Dealing with Startups’ Big Challenges


Despite the size, putting up a small business is no easy-peasy, lemon squeezy craft. Sure, times are tough for startup entrepreneurs like you because of the amount of challenges your small business face. Things never go easy for you yet the good thing is, you are not alone. Every new entrepreneur, of course, goes through these hard times too. Get over with these challenges as iRepublic delve into some of them.


How do you think you can attract and retain your potential customers knowing that you’re new in the industry? Well, potential customers usually go for companies with more experience in the business rather than risk it with startup ones. But, here’s the big “but”: the bigger ones often cost hilariously expensive and sometimes produce mediocre quality services or products since they have already gained masses of customers. The catch here is that there are several potential clients who look for enterprises that provide much affordable for a service that isn’t down the drain. And it can be you. Provide your potential customers with admirable products and impeccable service and surely they will remain to be your customers and may even recommend you to their fellow buyers.


Good business starts with good connections. It’s a common fact that in business, it’s not what you know that matters, it’s who you know. Without a network of influential people and collaborating businesses, you’ll have a hard time crossing the business world threshold. Though creating connections whilst accomplishing your small business’ errands exhausts your whole being, that’s the reality. You got to face it, and get things done accordingly. It’s a tough challenge. However, the coming of new opportunities, new customers, and new trades can be rewarding.


Traditional, digital, online, offline, direct, or indirect, marketing lays diverse techniques to help you divulge your stories and build your brand in the competitive business world. Even the biggest of brands still have to impress their market day by day. So don’t think that just because you’re a startup there’s no need to lend sufficient time sticking your brand in people’s minds. You even should conduct a small-scale market research and start having a solid marketing plan that suits in your industry.


Don’t let these challenges discourage you from doing what you love. Time will come when you’ll encounter one of these, or you are probably experiencing one at this time. But, don’t be blinded by it. Rather, overcome it. So, clear your thoughts for a second, inhale some Beatles air and altogether I know we can work it out 🎶 🎶


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#LandingPageGoals: How to Improve Your Landing Page


So when do you think is the time to consider a landing page good enough? When it has its relevant content and high-res photos? Or when it reaches its highest online impression? Perhaps when it gives a conversion? Thousands and thousands of blogs and articles commence online, teaching website owners how to create an impeccable landing page. But to be brutally honest, no one can do it. Not unless they keep on improving their landing pages every second of the day. Yes, it’s an all-time oldie but a true goodie: change is constant. And the only way to achieve the #landingpagegoals is to constantly analyze every facet of it and change or improve it once in a while. So, for you to improve your site’s landing page, here are some tips you could mull over.

Let your viewers scroll and roll.
Traditionally, most marketers do not prefer landing pages that allow viewers to scroll over. They believe that when a page is scrollable, the chances of the viewer signing up and taking the offer diminishes. But in this digital era, interactivity reigns. Having a landing page that is plain and bland defeats your objective of catching people’s attention. You should get them hooked at their very first peek. Let them explore your site while feeding them all the product-centric odds and ends available. Plus, this feature could increase your site’s traffic, too. And who doesn’t want that?

There’s no end. Just another page.
Let’s imagine that your landing page is flawlessly created. You have all these striking photos, on-point content, and irresistible deal. Then a specific viewer ticks your CTA and fills out your mail-to-form containing the viewer’s details. After hitting the submit button, there goes this pop-up message that says thanks, states your company motto, or probably discloses another CTA. What happens next is your viewer, aka potential lead, closes that ending message. Now what? Sure, you reached your end goal there. But, just like the Beach Boys said, wouldn’t it be nice if that visitor crawls over your site a little longer? Share some constructive stuff, like a hyperlink of an interesting video or a downloadable online brochure that lands to another page of yours. Make every page on your website an entry to another interesting page on your website, like they just landed Narnia. Make website visitors want to click everything clickable on your website.

Quit compromising your landing pages and start investing on it. You can do the tweaking, testing, analyzing, and fault-finding anytime you want. Let that unending spirit of improvement drive more leads and conversions. So, to help you out, we here at iRepublic could start the change if you choose to have a revamp for your website first. Take note. Seven days. And no, this isn’t a horror movie device like that one with the ring and a girl climbing out of a well. In just seven quick days, iRepublic could produce a new look for your website. A look that your website deserves. On top of that, you can have it for as low as 6,000 php only! Not bad for a jumpstart, right? Definitely not bad. By then, you can focus on your landing page. Provide content that viewers will appreciate and get them thrilled. Excited yet? Reach iRepublic now or better see our packages first and let’s get this #landingpagegoals going.

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Email Marketing: An Overview

Blog Banner - 26August2016

Have you come across a certain time when you’re going through your email then all of a sudden an anonymous or sometimes familiar company name sent you a message, saying they are on sale or they are having a bazaar of such? How did you respond to it? Did you answer back? Or did you disregard it? Perhaps, you initially suspected it as an anomaly over the net, much likely a spam message although it’s not. It is identified today as Email Marketing.

For a much broader sense, Email Marketing is another digital marketing tactic that focuses on using electronic mail as a communication tool to directly convey messages to a specific audience. Thus, every single email sent to a prospect market or existing client is considered email marketing already.

Frequently, the message of these emails contains product-centric ads, company newsletters, solicitations, and event invites. This approach applies best if you aim to increase brand awareness, drive sales and develop brand loyalty to your target market.

One of the many advantages of email marketing is being significantly cheaper and faster than traditional mail. Rather than consuming your time creating content through snail-mail, you could save tons of your time searching for more leads to target.

If in case you consider this type of digital marketing, the vital phase on it is to guarantee that the emails that you send are actually getting opened and read by your recipients — since 91% of your potential customers check their email daily. You have to ensure it is not getting trashed, or else all your efforts are put to waste. Also, you cannot achieve full success if you settle to just emailing. You need to take action and have phone calls, if needed. This is, I believe, the best way to convert your readers into customers.

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How to Win Millennials’ Hearts Through Digital Marketing?

Blog Banner - 18August2016 -

Investing a great deal of high-level operating system smartphones is the name of the game these days. Recent statistics say that over 85% of our country’s unique mobile users are Millennials. Given the information, it is quantifiable that Millennials are the biggest spenders five years from now. No surprise why capitalists invest time and effort to understand the likes, dislikes, interests and online situations of this generation.

In all probability, young consumers like Millennials go through social media and search engines first before they pursue purchase. So, here comes the role of having a compelling digital presence. Based on Issues Ink, an international digital marketing agency, there are several influences on how to increase a business’s digital presence by winning the Millennials’ hearts.

First is mobile marketing. Since almost every Millennial is a smartphone user, why not focus on mobile market? If your business already has a website, upgrade it from a basic traditional website to a mobile-responsive one. Marketing communications has gone digital and if a prospect goes online searching for a service or product that might be in the same industry as yours, chances are, they tick your page.

Next, target various online channels. Yes, the more, the merrier. The more channels you penetrate, the more probabilities of digital presence increase. Connect to every social media site, to every business forum there is. Engagement builds relationship with consumers and relationship develops brand loyalty.

Finally, craft a significant and valuable content. In this digital age, you have to understand what kind of message resonates with your audience. People long for information that fits their needs as consumers. It composes ‘personal’ feels in the consumers’ eyes. As if you provide content made only for them.

For this scenario, continuity is the king. You must be consistent reaching out to your prospects – the Millennials, per se — for all time. Not only for the reason of winning their hearts but also because they have won your corporate value. Although the digital world may be a forever game of adaptation, and online success is reasonably tough but surely, it is viable.


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Turning Your Passion Into Profit

Blog Banner - 09August2016

I QUIT. These are the words uttered by most people who want to resign from their jobs. Admit it. More often than not, you feel like you are stuck whenever you are at work. Everything is just dreary. What you do for a whole week of work won’t get any better for the following weeks because it’s most probably the same. All month long, all year long. Then you ask yourself, “Is this really the life I want to live when I reach my 60s?”

Deny it or not, you are just “engaged” to your work because you want to earn for a living. However, isn’t it amazing if you get paid for a job you are truly passionate about? The job you will never get tired of? The one that unleashes your full abilities and expertise? You’ll question me for the next set of words to come but I tell you honestly, IT IS POSSIBLE. You only have to weigh things, be ready and devise a master plan. Below are questions to help you contemplate if your passion can really be turned into a profitable business.

Who am I?
This question might sound like a joke but it could help you determine your future. Ask yourself who you are: What kind of person are you? Are you an extrovert who enjoys spontaneous activities? Or are you an introvert who is more in to indoor hobbies? From there, you can distinguish what kind of proprietor you will be.

What is my passion?
List all your acquired skills. Trim down the least enthusiastic ones and keep those you’re most interested in. Analyze its individual pros and cons, then you will know what skill is most feasible. See where the horizon is going.

Who will be my beneficiaries?
In business terms, it is determining your target market. This is important. Research is the key. Know your prospect market’s demographics – age, gender, family size, lifestyle and such. Think if you could provide quality products or services to them. And if your answer is a 100% yes, then pursue it. No buts, no ifs.

How much will it cost?
Start cheap or do it for free in the meantime. Have a run-through of your service to your families and friends. Ask for their comments and evaluation. See if it works. If it does work, you could start reaching out to your target market and get paid. Do not hurry, you are not in a marathon. Little profit is still a profit though. You just have to be patient.

When and where will I start?
Begin online. Browse through your Facebook friends. If you think you have an ample number of friends who could help you share your interest, then draw their attention bit by bit. Post photos and write-ups about your product. It would be better if you could provide a folio of it for their reference. Then, let them spread the news.

What if I fail?
Everyone fails. Most of the prime businessmen now failed several times in their lives before they reached the top. Do not be afraid to get lost and flunk. We all experience it. It is the best teacher to grow your inner business knowledge. Just inhale the shortcomings and exhale resolutions.

You know, maybe now’s the time for you to get out of your comfort zone. Try newer things and expose your business competencies. Stop doubting yourself. You will forever be stuck if you do not start moving. Because if you do not do it now, someone else will.

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